Join our team!

Interested in joining our group?

We are excited to have motivated, bright, and independent individuals join our team to conduct inspirational and important research. Participation can occur at the undergraduate, graduate, postdoctoral, visiting student, or visiting professor level.

Desirable academic backgrounds include environmental engineering, chemical/biological engineering, chemistry, biochemistry, virology, molecular biology, ecology and environmental science, public health, and environmental policy. Links to some potential scholarship and fellowship opportunities are listed below.

  • Prospective graduate students should apply directly to the UC Davis Graduate Program, and adhere to their deadlines and requirements. Students interested in starting an MS and/or PhD should apply for Fellowship or other forms of external support.
  • All prospective students and researchers should apply for scholarships/fellowships (see opportunities listed below for some ideas).

For consideration other than graduate students, please e-mail me the following required items:

  1.  Expected dates of admission/availability
  2.  A research statement (<1 page), indicating what you are specifically interested in studying
  3.  A CV/resume
  4.  Transcript
  5.  Up to 3 relevant publications/reports
  6.  Expected funding source (amount for salaray/tuition/research, duration)

Funding Opportunities

There are diverse resources available to help support your education and research. Not only are these financially beneficial, but they can be great programs to network with other individuals.

Water-Related Opportunities for Students

Undergraduate and Transfer Students

Graduate Students

Postdoctoral Scholars

International Researchers:



Potential Research Collaborations

I look forward to developing new relationships and collaborative projects. Example current projects of interest in my laboratory include:

  1. Advanced water quality monitoring in water recycling: viruses, bacteria, antimicrobial resistance
  2. Promoting health and hygiene in resource recovery sanitation systems: nutrient recovery from urine; black soldier fly larvae growth from fecal sludge
  3. Bioaccumulation of perfluorinated and polyfluorinated organics: protein associates and mechanisms

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