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From left to right: Linnea, Mel, Hannah, Madison, Heather, Wenting, Olivia, Camille, and Jordan. On this day in June 2022, we had a great time celebrating graduations for the gals in tie-dye lab coats!
Our Healthy Davis Together (HDT) wastewater surveillance team in September 2021. From left: Eliana, Rogelio, Linnea, Leslie, Heather, Karen, Noah, Michelle, Hannah, Winston, Randi, and Roque
Bischel group grad students gather for weekly group meetings. On this day in May 2020 we discussed safety protocols while wearing silly hats.
Our group kicking off the quarter strong (October 2018)! From Left: Hannah, Madison, Kylie, Jacob, Wenting, Olivia, Jeil, Jeanne and Yilong. Heather in front.
Group meeting in January 2018: Writing Club! From Left: Tristan, Dani, Hannah, Wenting, Yilong, Olivia, Jessica, and Erica. You might say they’re ““REEL HAWT” since they work for the… Reuse for Environmental Enhancement: Lab on Health And Water Treatment
Bischel Research Group: Environmental Health and Sustainability Engineering, July 2017; From left: Yilong, Jessica, Dani, Heather, Yutong, and Tristan


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