American Chemical Society hosts session on Urine Nutrient Recovery

This week I at presented at the 253rd American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition on Advanced Materials, Technologies, Systems & Processes (April 2-6, San Francisco, CA). It was my first time at the ACS meeting and also a first (as far as I’m aware) where an entire afternoon was dedicated to the idea of recovering nutrients from urine.

Thanks to Treavor Boyer, Lee Blaney and Satinder Ahuja for hosting the session “Advances in Resource Recovery & Conservation in Water Systems.”  My presentation on “Mechanisms and modeling of pathogen fate in pilot scale nutrient recovery reactors” synthesized my work over the last several years to help make fertilizers produced from urine safe for use.

I especially enjoyed reconnecting with current and former colleagues, collaborators and friends attending the conference as well as many fantastic contributions in the Environmental Chemistry division.

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